MOI Certificate from National University

How to get an MOI certificate from NU, if experienced people can help me with this information, it would be very helpful. Can MOI be taken from National University? The full form of MOI is the Medium of Instruction, which Bengali stands for as the medium of education. We all know that at National University the medium of study is Bengali (except for some professional courses).


So, MOI can be taken by showing Bengali medium, and if you make something by following the number two lane by showing English medium, it is definitely a crime. So at the time of committing a crime, that is, at the beginning of the journey, at the time of becoming a criminal, do or be at your own risk. I would urge you not to do this because if you are ever caught you will be putting yourself as well as your children on the road.


Take admission in a good place with MOI and then face the embassy with IELTS/TOEFL. Believe me, you have complicated your path. And besides, since you have to show IELTS/TOEFL results at the embassy, ​​there is absolutely no point in going overboard with MOI. Many people argue that there is an opportunity to take the exam in English at the National University, I would say that anyone has heard of or seen taking that opportunity.


How many people are in Bangladesh? Does that amount to mass MOI? At least I don’t know. Finally, studying abroad is not for you if you are afraid of taking IELTS. Is it possible to apply for a bachelor’s degree by completing 25% of credits in one year from a national university? yes possible As I said earlier this is a full-fledged public university.

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