Preliminary to Masters Application Link 2023 –

Preliminary application for Masters 1st phase (regular) admission has started. Will continue on 27/03/2023 till 12. 300/- fee and documents should be submitted by applying online and following the college notice Application Link: National University Admission System (


Preliminary to Masters Application Link 2023 –


All you need to apply online:

  • Application Link:
  • Degree 3rd Year Examination Roll Number, Registration Number.
  • 1 copy of passport size color photograph, active mobile no.
  • Undertaking regarding dual admission. (To be filled manually and uploaded)
  • What to submit to the college along with the application form: (follow the college notice)
    Self-signed online application copy.
  • Photocopy of CGPA mark sheet of degree passes examination and degree registration card.
    Copy of Dual Enrollment Undertaking.
  • Fee 300 tk.

Preliminary to Masters Course Information:

  • Both Preliminary to masters (Private) and (Regular) certificates are of equal value, and both are equally valued for employment.
  • Master’s 1st Phase (Private) course does not have a class system, so no need to take the class. This is best for working people.


  • If there is no opportunity to get admission to Master’s (regular) course, one can get admission to a private course easily. The admission procedure for private courses is also easy, after applying online, the admission can be completed by submitting the necessary documents and money to the college along with the online print copy of the application.
  • Students with a minimum CGPA of 2.25 in the 3-year degree (pass) examination can apply for Preliminary to Masters (Private) and (Regular) programs. One can get admission in any one of the 3 subjects studied in the degree!


  • The duration of registration for both Master’s regular and private courses will be three (03) years.
  • Syllabus of Preliminary to master regular and private courses, exam standards/marks are same!
  • Both have the same form filling, examination, and results at the same time.
  • Students of the Master’s regular course have to give term papers, periodicals, and selective/test examinations. Students of private courses are not required to appear for term papers, periodicals, and selective/test examinations. In both cases, the in-course exam must be given. In both cases, you will have to give the Bhaiba exam.


  • Private students cannot take subjects that have term papers, practicals, and fieldwork. Especially students of science subjects are not allowed to take admitted to private courses.
  • Oral examination for Master’s private course students will be of 4 credits and for Masters regular students oral examination will be of 2 credits and term-paper will be of 2 credits.
  • The admission fee for Preliminary to Master’s Private in Govt College is between 1500/-! The admission fee for the Master’s regular course is between 4 and a half thousand! Private colleges may be a bit more comparatively.


  • Not all colleges in Bangladesh have private programs. All over Bangladesh, only 58 colleges have the facility of preliminary to masters private courses!
  • Students of Preliminary to Master’s Private Courses are required to take admitted to the Master’s Final Phase (Private) program at the end of the course, the Master’s Final Phase (Regular) program is not eligible.
  • Online preliminary applications for admission to the Preliminary Master’s (Regular) program of this year can be made from today 16/03/2023 4 PM to 27/03/2023 12 PM.


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