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Honors 4th Year (2018-19) Exam Form Filling Notification has been released. Also mentioned in the notification, Honors 4th year exam will be held. Honors 4th Year Examination Form Filling Date: 15/02/2024 to 07/03/2024 (by student). Honors 4th year examination will be attended by regular and grade improvement candidates for the 2018-19 academic year 2017-18, 2016-17, 2015-16, and 2014-15 academic year. All related information is given below. National University Honors 4th Year Exam-2022 information website: ems.nu.ac.bd or www.nubd.info.

It is being informed to all concerned that all the activities related to filling the application form for the BA, BSS, BBA, and BSC examination of Honors 4th year 2022 under the National University will be started from 15/02/2024 online. All the related information is given below. The exam is likely to be held in the last week of April or the first week of May 2023. The detailed exam schedule and all other information are available on the university website.

Honors 4th Year Form Fill-Up 2024



4th Year Form Fill-up Notice Download Link: https://www.nu.ac.bd/uploads/notices

Honors 4th Year Form Fillup Website: www.nubd.info/formfillup

01. Honors 4th Year Form Submission Schedule/Regulations:

  • a) Deadline for applicants to download application forms online: 15/02/2024 to 07/03/2024.
  • b) Last date for verification of application form by the college: 15/02/2024 to 14/03/2024
    up to
  • c) Collection of Pay Slip and deposit of fee through Sonali Seba: From 18/03/2024 to 21/03/2024.

02. Honors 4th Year Form Fillup Prescribed Fee:

  • A. Theory Test Fee (for each complete paper) 250/-
  • b. Theory Test Fee (for each Half Paper) 150/-
  • c. Practical Examination Fee (per Paper/Course) 250/-
  • d. Oral Examination Fee (per candidate) 250/-
  • e. Incourse Examination Fee (Per Candidate)

i) 100/- to be deposited in University Fund

ii) 200/- to be deposited in a college fund


  • f. Psychology and Music (Thesis/Theoretical) Subject Practical Research/Project Fee (Per Candidate)- 1200.
    i) Rs.200/- will be deposited in the University Fund.
    ii) 100/- to be deposited in the departmental fund of the college.
  • g. Special Enrollment Fee per candidate (applicable to Grade Improvement candidates) 300/-
  • h. Provisional Certificate Fee (per candidate): 300/-
    (Not applicable to irregular candidates who have already filled out the form)
    i. Mark Sheet Fee (Per Candidate): 500/-
    (Not applicable to irregular candidates who have already filled out the form)
  • j. Center Fee Theoretical (per candidate)- 450
    i) College portion- 150
    ii) Center share- 300
  • k. Center Fee Practical (To be credited to College Fund for each candidate) – 150
  • l. Fieldwork Fee (per candidate) for Social Work and Geography and Environmental Science subjects – 1100

i) 100/- to be deposited in the University Fund.
ii) 1000/- to be deposited in the departmental fund of the college.


There will be no opportunity to fill out the form with a penalty after the prescribed time.


150/- (One Hundred and Fifty) per candidate for examination-related expenses of his/her college from the total amount collected as a center fee) must be submitted in advance.

03. Online application form filling:

The applicant himself or the college authority should go to the website of the National University (http://ems.nu.ac.bd/student-login) fill out the application form properly with the registration number and download the print copy to the respective college within the stipulated time along with the fee. To be submitted to the respective department. National University Honors 4th Year Exam-2022 information website: ems.nu.ac.bd or http://nubd.info/formfillup//.

04. Eligibility Requirements for Honors 4th Year Examination:

a) All the students registered in the National University in the academic year 2018-2019 who have participated in the Honors 3rd-year examination of 2021 and have been promoted can participate in the Honors 4th-year examination of 2022 as regular candidates.

b) Candidates registered in the academic year 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018 who have obtained a grade F in one or more courses in the Honors 4th-year examination or are absent can participate in the 2022 Honors 4th-year examination in those courses as irregular candidates.

c) Candidates of the 2015-2016, 2016-2017, and 2017-2018 academic years who have been promoted in the 2021 Honors 3rd-year examination can participate in the 2022 Honors 4th-year examination as irregular candidates.

05. Honors 4th Year Syllabus:

BA, BSS, BBA, BSC Honors 4th Year Examination of the 2013-2014 academic year will be conducted according to the syllabus and regulations made by the National University.


06. Procedure for filling the Honors 4th year application form (for candidates):

a) The applicant himself or the college authority has to enter the website of the university apply with his registration number and fill out the form as per the instructions of the website. After completing the application form filling process, an application form should be printed online. The filled form will mention the candidate’s subject code and fee. The applicant should submit the printed copy along with the fee to the respective department of the college.
b) If there is any mistake in the application form, the form must be canceled and the application form must be downloaded again through the college authority.
c) The applicant should attach 2 copies of recent passport-size photographs with the application form.

07. Things to do for college:-

Requirements for Incourse Exam:
a) All the candidates have to take an in-course test of 20% marks obtained by the concerned department and make an online entry against the registration number.

b) At the time of filling out the application form, after entering the number against the online registration number from the original manual copy of the marks obtained by the candidate in the in-course examination, the print copy will be verified with the original manual copy and signed by the Head of Department and the Principal. Original manuals and print copies are sealed in separate envelopes subject-wise

  • The concerned college will store the result of the examination along with the statement form for up to 06 (6) months.
  • No marks will be accepted separately from the original manual copy if any candidate has a problem with the marks in the course.
  • Candidates’ applications will not be accepted if the Encourse number is not provided.
  • Any correction, addition, or subtraction of the Encourse number sent will not be accepted under any circumstances.

08. Collection of Honors 4th Year Application Form, Statement Form, and Fee Deposit Form:

The application form for filling the form, Probable List (Probable List), subject-wise candidate details form, and fee submission form can be collected/printed from the website of the National University.

A) The Head of the Department confirms whether the data of the candidates has been entered directly online on the University website with the Probable List. And the principal will sign. For log-in, User ID & Password can be collected from College Profile or related branches on the website.

b) 01 (one) copy of 02 (two) copies of passport size photograph (attested) of each candidate should be affixed at the specified place in the online printed application form by Aika Atha and keep the other 01 (one) copy photograph in their respective section. After providing the admit card from the university, the admit card should be distributed after affixing the photo with glue at the specified place and attesting it to the principal.

c) The candidate will submit the online filled application form to the college and the college will confirm it online with the candidate’s course number. Only the admit card will be issued to the candidates who have been confirmed online by the college. After the confirmation is completed, candidates have to print the details online.

d) The university website regarding the 2022 Honors 4th year examination will be launched on time and the activity will automatically stop after the fixed time mentioned in the notification for data entry so the college should complete the data entry on time.

e) In case of any mistake while entering the in-course and fieldwork examination number online, it should be immediately reported in writing to the Deputy Controller of Examinations, Honors 4th Year Branch. The original manual number (signed by the Head of the Department and Principal) will be taken as the basis for the correction of mistakes.

10. Method of submission of statement form:

The probable list should be printed from the university website. Data entry should be done online directly on the university website as per the filled form subject-wise candidate details form/application form. After correctly entering the details of the application form, verifying the print copy, and signing the relevant candidate, head of department, and principal, the original copy must be bound separately and submitted to the concerned branch of the National University / respective regional center, and one set of photocopies. Must save in college. Statement forms sent by post will not be accepted.

09. University Fee Deposit Procedure:

a) The entire amount of the fee of the concerned candidates should be deposited to the fund of the National University from any branch of Sonali Bank through Sonali Seva by downloading the prescribed deposit form of the National University from the mentioned website.

b) Pay Slip should be downloaded by logging into the website of the concerned college. In the Pay Slip, the account number in the relevant sector and the copy of the mentioned total amount should be submitted to any branch of Sonali Bank and receive the receipt.

c) The link will be active for collecting Pay Slip from 12/02/2023 10:00 am to 13/03/2023 04:00 pm. Pay Slip cannot be downloaded or money can be deposited after the scheduled time.

d) Mr. Mu to solve the complications related to the golden service. Saiful Islam Nishat, Deputy Controller of Examination, Mobile 01313- 052361 is requested to contact.

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