Grameen Bank probationer Officer Viva Preparation

Regarding Grameen Bank Apprentice Officer Post Vacancy. Recruitment notification 2023 will start on 4th April and will end on 17th April. Last year an average of 100+ people took Viba every day. You will be taken to a large auditorium room, then call the roll number and cross-check according to your serial, group 8-10 people, and take them to an upper conference room. Then Serial Vaiba will start. The documents to be checked from below should also be kept with you.

Now, what kind of questions??
Have you finished your Masters? What does the father do? How many people are in the family? where are you studying

Where do you currently live?
2/1 questions will be asked from the subject. Will ask about the bank. Will ask questions about the work of the post. Will ask if you will give your Rangamati, and Sylhet posting.

Are you taking job preparation in some cases? How many brothers have you asked? Pura Bhaiba will be in Bengali. But if you study English background subject then it will ask English terms from it.

Viba will not be for 10-15 minutes like other banks. Rather, it will leave very early in the month of fasting. There is nothing to stress about. Preli, Retain, and Viva will do the merit list by adding marks. As far as I hear, even if the result is given together, the training will be posted on a separate day.

Brother of senior officer grade. So look formal look…!!
Conceptual Information (Personal)

Probably 1200 brothers and sisters will give.
As 1/3 as bank recruitment, so 400 recruitment is expected. Hopefully, at least 200 people will be absent due to the combined bank 2018-based cash result. So if there are 1000 people then your chances of getting a job are about 50/50. (I will give details when Viba starts on the 4th) If you want to know anything else, you can knock. But please ask about the margin. good wishes.

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