HSC Form Fill Up Notice 2024

HSC Form Fill-Up Notice 2024 Published today. The principals of all the colleges under the jurisdiction of the Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Dhaka,, and all concerned are requested to complete the various activities of filling the HSC examination application form 2024 on time according to the following policies. Candidates must keep the receipt of Sonali services purchased from any branch of Sonali Bank in favor of the Secretary of Dhaka Education Board for the required examination fees of the candidates in the educational institution. HSC Exam-2024 Probable Start Date 30/06/2024.

Online display of probable list of students: A probable list containing information about students will be published on the Dhaka Education Board website (www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd) on 04/04/2024. Form filling (cFF) has to be done online in the below-mentioned process between 16/04/2024 to 25/04/2024 from the said prospective list. Online form filling (cFF) can be done from 29/04/2024 to 02/05/2024 with a late fee. The last date for fee submission through Sonali Seba is 02/05/2024.

HSC Form Fill-Up Notice 2024

Regarding participation in one/two subject examinations:

  • (a) Candidates who havethe  failed/absent in one/two subjects (except 4th subject) in the 2022/2023 HSC examination one or more times, if the registration period is valid, can appear in the remaining failed/absent subject/subjects in 2024 HSC examination. can Candidates appearing in partial subjects will never be able to appear in the examination of the fourth subject. However, candidates can participate in the examination of all the subjects including the fourth subject without participating in the examination of one/two subjects if they wish.
  • (b) Private candidates who failed/were absent from one subject in the HSC examination of 2023 can appear in one subject examination of 2024. However, they have to renew their registration from the higher secondary examination branch by submitting the registration renewal fee to the Board at the rate of.
  • (c) Candidates who have failed/absent in one/two subjects in the HSC Examination 2022/2023, have been expelled or accused while appearing in the examination of those one/two subjects in the HSC Examination 2022/2023 and as per the decision of the Disciplinary Committee, the examination 2022/2023 has been canceled. , they will be able to participate in all/one/two subject examinations of 2024 if the registration is valid.

Regarding the benefit of the 4th subject in the HSC examination 2024:

According to the rules mentioned in the notification of the Ministry of Education No. Shim/Sh10/7 Examination 2 (Grading)/2002/610, dated: 04/01/03 of 1(j) of the 2024 HSC examination, the candidates participating in the 4th subject Benefits will be provided.

Regarding Registration and Session:

  • (a) Candidates with a previous registration for the 2019-2020 session will not be eligible to participate in the 2024 HSC examination. However, candidates who have failed in one subject of the 2018-2019 session can participate in the examination of one subject (except the fourth subject) by renewing their registration.
  • (b) All principals are specially requested to take appropriate action after ascertaining the registration number and subject of the candidate.

Regarding Renewal of Registration:

  • (a) Among the irregular and private examinees of the HSC examination 2023 who have failed in two or more subjects (except 4th subject) and whose registration period has expired shall not under any circumstances renew their registration and appear in multiple subject examinations in 2024.
  • (b) Candidates who appeared for any one or more subjects of HSC/Examination 2023 failed in one subject (except 4th subject) and for any reason could not appear for HSC Examination 2023 even though their registration expired in 2023. They can participate in the HSC examination 2024 by renewing their registration only once by submitting the renewal fee of Tk 250/- (two hundred and fifty) to the board.
  • As a partial subject examinee can never appear in the fourth subject examination and registration can never be renewed if failed in two or more subjects.

Regarding test participation as GPA improvement:

  • (a) Candidates can appear for the HSC examination in the year immediately after passing the examination for improvement of GPA if there is a registration period; So all the candidates wthe ho got a GPA less than 5.00 (Five) in the HSC Exam 2023 will get an opportunity to appear for GPA improvement exam. However, in this case, the concerned candidate will have to take the exam in all subjects. Registration cannot be renewed in case of GPA improvement.
  • (b) Candidates who have cleared the HSC 2023 examination with one/two subjects will never be able to participate in the GP Development Examination.

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