Combined Officer Exam Preparation 2023

Combined Officer Exam Preparation 2023 Last-minute preparation for Combined Officer Exam on 10/03/2023. All your practice is already done. However, if you do something at the last minute, you can put yourself ahead of others. 


Combined Officer Exam Preparation 2023

1. Read all BIBM questions first. Repeat questions may come especially from Maths, ICT, and Bengali. Even if not, type-based commons are read.

2. Mark Distribution: Generally Bengali-25 (Literature 8-10, Grammar 15+/-), English-25 (Grammar-10+/-, Vocabulary-15+/-), Maths (20) Information Technology-10 (Computer-8 , Science-2), General Knowledge- 20 (Static GK- 12+/-, Recent 8+/-) will have a total of 100 marks. I will try to give a separate post by analyzing the previous questions.

3. Emphasis should be placed on acquiring good math skills for the bank preparation. Since now is not the time to do Maths basics well, revise the formulas well with past question types. of the same type
At least one math must be done by hand. Emphasize these chapters on Percentage, Profit Loss, Interest, Average, Equation, Quantitative formula, Algebraic formula, Ratio, Train, Chowbachcha, Series & Number System.

4. English questions are vocabulary based. If you don’t read these in advance, it will be difficult to remember them at the last minute. Try to read the past questions at the end of the chapter of Professor’s Competitive Exam or any guide. Luckily you can get common.
Spelling, One word Sub, Synonym, antonyms, Prefix-Suffix, Idioms & Phrases, Number/Gender of Nouns, Subject-verb Agreement, Sentence Completion, and Pinpoint error chapters should be read carefully.

5. Bengali literature questions are quite easy. Do the end-of-chapter questions of George or the forerunner first. Go through Munir Chowdhury’s board book of Grammar from any guidebook and give more importance on usage-disuse, suddhi, dhvani, varna, sandhi, samas, shabad, pada, karak disjunctive, prefixes, prakritafriya, synonyms, antonyms, expressions in one word, idioms chapter. .

6. Get the latest notes in groups for general knowledge before the exam. Besides, other questions can be solved by chapter-wise questions from Basic View or Crack the Previous book. Along with the longest, highest, or such fact-type questions of various countries’ financial institutions like – WB Group, IMF, WTO, IDB, AIIB, NDB, UNDP, etc., economic and environmental conferences, only key events of liberation war (52, 66, 69, elections, March 7, War Tactics), National Subjects (Flags, Coins, Forests, Emblems, Sculptures, etc.), Various Report Surveys (Current Affairs or Various PDFs) etc. Read as much as you can without taking pressure.

7. Self-suggestion book for information technology is difficult but common is read more, even if it is an easy computer. Just read the end-of-chapter gist and questions. Storage, Office Package (Excel, Word) Banking Technology, Peripherals, Security, Software, Networks, Smart Phone, Hardware, AI, etc. The history and generation-type questions will run without reading.

8. Every number is important. But if you get the easy questions wrong, you will be behind 10,000 people, if you get the difficult questions wrong, you will be behind 100 people. Banks have a negative -0.25, but most of the time they don’t. So the risk can be taken. Techniques like deduction method and back-calculation can give you 3-4 marks ahead.

9. Time management is very important. To solve 100 questions in 60 minutes, an average of 36 seconds is available per question. But in 30-35 minutes you should finish answering all the questions except Maths. Bangla> General Knowledge> ICT> English> Math can follow this serial. Skip difficult questions and questions that you do not understand in one chance and try the answers later. It is very important to have English reading skills for quick answers. Practice reading English readings to understand the meaning quickly. Remember that at the end of the day, it is the marks in the exam that matter, there is no chance to come home and say hey I could have done it.

10. Above all, don’t put pressure on your body for these few days, keep your diet right, and stay away from all activities that can make you sick. Due to the cool head and healthy body, it is seen that 2-3 maths is more. If you take too much stress, you will become blank in the exam, which is not ‘no’ will not be visible, you will mark C while marking A.

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