career opportunities in bangladesh

Career guidance in Bangladesh is very weak. As a result, many resources are wasted in this country due to the stupidity of the parents, social ignorance, and unconscious thinking of the students. That is why it is also a responsibility of systematic Islamic Da’wah to guide the careers of children, teenagers, youth, and youth. It should be an integral part of Islami Tahreek to ensure that the experience of the seniors in achieving Halal Rizq paves the way for the juniors.

In our country, it is considered that one should start career preparation by getting admission in honors. Very wrong idea. Career preparation should be started in classes three and four. That is why parents should first understand that career-focused studies should be prioritized instead of being first, second, and third in the class of the child. What is the difference between these two?

career opportunities in bangladesh


Being career-focused means acquiring skills. Suppose you want to be first in the class, you should not only know the answer to a question in Bengali or society or religion book but also you should memorize the answers to a large extent and write them appropriately to get more marks. Now, to know the main point, you probably only need to read for half an hour. Again every education system has a lot to do with indoctrinating or brainwashing the students which do not actually produce any skills. But you spend 10 to 15 hours revising for that unnecessary subject to get a good score on the exam. But if you had spent this time acquiring some skill that has market value then you would have got fewer marks in the exam and would have become more qualified in the life struggle.

Bengali pronunciation is very important to be pure. It is very necessary for those educated in both secular and madrasah schools. Many people in our country do not even pronounce the Bengali alphabet correctly. This is also true of many university graduates. But pure and clean and elegant pronunciation will go a long way in Viva Board. News presenters on our radio and television channels also make a lot of mispronunciations in many cases. You can take the help of YouTube to learn pure pronunciation. Bangla Academy Pronunciation Dictionary is also very helpful. Learn pure Bengali pronunciation in school life and practice reading and speaking Bengali by rehearsing.

Again this is beneficial for students of both schools and madrasas. Just pure pronunciation will advance your career a lot in the borders of Bangladesh But if you are sure from the beginning that you will pursue a career abroad then this matter is a little less important for you.

Learning English is indispensable for doing well in a career. No matter where you study in school, aliyah, or community, learning English is very useful for a good career at our age. Make sure that you can read a modern English book, or newspaper without a dictionary, understand English news, and lectures, and have decent working spoken English.

Note: I don’t like the way Uncommon teaches nouns of flowers, fruits, vegetables, and fish in kindergarten. I think you should learn verbs first. But there is a lot of vocabulary to learn.

Career thinking should be done during school life. At school, you have to plan what you want to be. Do you know how to become what you want to be? All children in this country want to become doctors. But they don’t know how to become a doctor. Their idea is up to the composition of Aim in life. They think they will get admission to medicine by studying biology in science and passing the entrance exam. After that, money is money. But the reality is not so simple. If you want to study medicine, you must be outstanding. Competition is very tough. But many boys dream of medicine even with around four GPAs. Their backup plan is also weak.

A major problem with the medical entrance exam is that its course material differs radically from that of engineering. The admission course materials for most subjects in general universities are also generally quite different. As a result, a boy who wants to become a doctor should be fully aware of the entire challenge of getting into medical school in class eight. For this reason, talk to two or four older brothers from a medical school. If you are a doctor, you can do many things and not even sleep on money. A lot of higher education and good studies are very important. Otherwise, many mediocre doctors do not earn much.

A familiar boy said he will go to Australia to study. He does not know where Australia is. He thinks his father will give him a few lakhs. He will go to the university and get admission to the university by buying a plane ticket and renting a hotel at the university gate like admission to a domestic private university. I told him to buy a Cyphorus Vocabulary book and finish it. He said he will buy it when he gets paid. There is no money this month. In the last two years, he could not raise money to buy the book. Walk around if you want, hang out with girlfriends, eat at different good restaurants, and talk on the phone all night. I know many such stories. This is the career planning of the young generation of this country.


However, you must do two things.

1) You have to have alternative plans. Plan A, B, and C should be fixed. If one fails, do another. If that fails, do another one. I had serious preparations up to Plan E. Al Hamdulillah supported all plans in my career path. Alhamdulillah the alternative plans to achieve Plan A also came in handy. You may not be able to do that much. But you will definitely get benefits if you do the planned work. Be sure to have a backup plan. Don’t put all investments in one basket.

2) Keep your plans in mind about prog and con at school. Do a swot analysis with your own target. This means planning what to do after passing honors in class eight. If not, do it now. Better to do it now than never.

If you think that you will not study and live in a family business then you should start a business after intermediate. There is no point in wandering around like a nomad after getting a degree in a local junk college. Time is an important resource. Use it. If you started a business ten years ago, you may have moved up in your career more easily than most of your highly educated friends.

Choosing a subject in Honors is an important task. Science faculty subjects are good. But in humanities and social sciences, history, philosophy, political science, geography, etc., have better career opportunities in ‘Bangla’ subjects than economics. You can usually do almost any job by reading Bengali which can be done by reading other humanities subjects. Besides, there are many opportunities to get Bengali teaching jobs in educational institutions and even in coaching centers which are not available in other fields. Because almost all schools, colleges, and universities have to study Bengali. Many universities have Bengali as a minor course even if it is not an honors subject. A Bengali teacher is also needed there.

Most students waste a year on Masters in Bangladesh. Those who do honors in four years usually do not need a master’s. This way you can save a year of time. Besides, you can give career-oriented effort without reading unnecessary subjects for Masters. Those who are not trying to become university teachers or research institute fellows usually do not need a master’s.

I didn’t say Masters was unnecessary. I want to say that only 5% of the people who do masters in Bangladesh use master. The remaining 95% of people are not aware of this issue. You need to assess your career. One year master’s course can be done in professional life also. But before wasting a year at this crucial time of your career, it should be done wisely.

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