BA (Honours) professional course

Those who are interested in teaching can do BED (Hons) Professional from Govt Teachers Training College. What is BEd (Hons) Professional Course and what can be done?

Features of BEd Honors:

  1. 4 years 8 semesters
  2. Group-wise subjects (Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, and Business Education) can be selected along with B.D.
  3. The quality of education is better than in traditional colleges.
  4. Opportunity to teach subjects learned in regular classes, labwork, and testing school.

Where can you work?

1. Ministry of Education
2. Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education
3. Department of Primary Education
4. National Academy of Primary Education
5. Govt Teachers Training College
6. Primary Teachers Training College
7. Government High School
8. Government Primary School
10. Private high school
12. All Govt Jobs in Honors Pass Eligibility
13. Contractual Jobs under Govt Education Subject Scheme
14. Education project jobs in NGOs.

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