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Master Strategy for Primary Exam Hall. For those who are going to appear in the Preliminary Phase 1 Exam – the first thing to do is to take the preparation. So there is no need to talk about the preparation! So straight to work.

The next six to seven days will only be for revision. Uradhura revision is what is called. Remember you have to earn this job. And to get a job you have to give excellent performance in Bengali, English, Mathematics, General Knowledge. Give revision from the topic from which you have studied earlier. It will be difficult to read something new from another place unless you have control or confidence in yourself!

Now let’s get to the point. Preparation is real game no matter what you are but you have to play in exam hall. Time is 60 minutes. 80 questions. If you are a male candidate then you have to score 65+ out of 80 to secure the job no matter the question. The number may increase or decrease depending on the area. The last appointment saw the highest number of appointments in recent memory. However, in many areas there were no jobs after getting 65 and giving a viva. So the target should be kept like that. Many people may give viva after getting less marks. But it is 100% sure that there will be no job. And if you are female then 55+ is safe for you. May increase or decrease depending on the area.

Now how to raise this 65+? See, if your preparation is good, you can take Bengali 16+, English 15+, General Knowledge 16+, Maths 15+ (many will score 20th). But to get remaining 5 to 7 marks you have to depend on your confidant. I speak of myself as an example. Before entering the exam hall, I made a bet in my heart that I would come out with the highest scores by thinking as much as I could. If necessary, I will put on 80 ties. I scored 78. It was 70 o’clock. 8 is wrong. Marx was 68. Vyas joined the service as eighth in the merit list. So think carefully and apply as much as you can. Remember after scoring 10 50-50 chances if you get 3 and 7 are wrong then your marks are 1.25 times. But the interesting thing is that with good preparation, 10 am 50-50 dagal becomes at least 4/5 am. I said this from my own experience. Remember one very important thing. Negative marks are only .25 per wrong answer. But it is not BCS.

Now let’s come to time management. Those who regularly give bank exams can skip this part. Because 80 MCQs in 60 minutes is just milk for someone who answers 90 questions after 100 questions in 60 minutes.

You will divide the time in two ways. First 30 minutes all other topics except maths. Last 30 minutes of maths. Think about it in the first 30 minutes when Bengali, English and GK together score about 50, then you won’t get a confidence tie in maths. Give 25 minutes of remaining 30 minutes to 20 marks. If you can tie 20 then there is no question. If you can’t see it’s 16/17. ok Spend the next 5 minutes on the questions that leave you confused. From there try to score 7/8+.

Finally, I have a question for you. How do you score the MCQ in the exam? One by one and one by one fire?? Alhamdulillah if you can cover the time by doing this. And if you can’t finish in time, come and teach me a ninja technique. First read all the questions except Maths and immediately mark the answers in the questions. Circle the ones you can’t. Then fill the OMR in one go. But remember that the total time is only 30 minutes. ok Then go to math part. Math and first read 20 questions and solve them one by one. Then after doing everything fill the OMR. But here also but remember the time but in this case 25 minutes. I guarantee you won’t have any problem taking the exam with more time. But before that you have to accept one condition. In the next one week, he will do at least two model tests daily at home. And time will take 40 minutes. If you practice 80 MCQs in 40 minutes at home, you will be fast.

Thought the post would be short. But grew up. Very sorry for that. Read carefully. pray Good luck to all.

In submission,
Md: Asif Reza
Assistant Teacher (Batch-2023)
Subarnatali Government Primary School,
Nagarpur, Tangail.


Primary teacher exam suggestion 2023 pdf download free


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