NTRCA 4th public notice under 55 people recruitment 2023

Primary Election of 55 Candidates under 4th Public Notice 2022. It is hereby informed for the information of all concerned that in view of the applications of the registered candidates in the 4th Public Notice published on 21 December 2022 AD, candidates are initially selected on March 12, 2023 AD for the purpose of recommending the appointment of MPO vacant posts in private educational institutions based on the merit order, preference order and the needs of the institution. During the processing of results, 77 candidates were excluded from the preliminary selection by Teletalk software as their roll number matched the roll number of serving teachers.

Later, after verifying the applications of the candidates, they are initially considered eligible. 53 candidates were selected out of 77 candidates as vacancies existed (list displayed on the website). The posts of the remaining 24 have been reserved. Subject to the availability of vacancies, they will be initially selected later 03 (three) candidates in 03 educational institutions where there are no vacant posts under the fourth public notification initially Although the selection was made, 03 candidates were previously replaced and 2 (two) of them were re-selected in the other 02 educational institutions as there were vacancies. The remaining 01 post have been reserved. Subject to the availability of vacancies, he will be selected later in the primary.


NTRCA 4th public notice under 55 people recruitment 2023

The results of 55 candidates selected for preliminaries can be found on NTRCA’s website (www.ntrca.gov.bd) 4th public notification-2022 under the menu called preliminaries of 55 candidates and link http://ngi.teletalk.com.bd. Selected candidates can check the result by logging in with their Application ID and mobile number. Similarly, the head of the institution can view the information of selected candidates in his institution using their respective user ID and password. If any selected candidate or head of the organization does not receive the SMS due to technical reasons, they are requested to view the primary election results from the 4th public notification 2022 service box on the NTRCA website.

The initially selected 55 candidates have to fill out the Police Verification Form (V-Roll) online and submit it online. No V-Roll form submission will be accepted in person or by post. For this, a link (https://scs.ssd.gov.bd/), User ID, and Password will be given to the candidate’s mobile. You have to log in to the Online security clearance system with your own User ID and Password and submit the V-Roll form. The last date to submit the form is 15.06.2023. If a candidate does not fill out the V-Roll form online and submit it by 15.06.2023 AD, his primary election will be considered canceled.

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