cycle 4 result 2023 – result

Fourth Public Notice Result 2023 | List of Final Recommendations of the Fourth Public Notice. It is hereby informed for the information of all concerned that on 12/03/2023, 32,480 candidates were preliminarily selected for vacant posts of teachers under MPO under the 4th public notification published by the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) on 21/12/2022. 27,074 (seven thousand and seventy-four) eligible candidates given online submission of V-Roll form to the selected candidates in the light of instructions vide Department of Secondary and Higher Education Memorandum No- 37.00.0000. (Part)-202 dated 20.09.2023 Police/Security Recommended for appointment on 20.09.2023 subject to conditions pending verification process.


A total of 713 candidates were considered eligible for various posts after further scrutiny of the initially selected remaining candidates and considering the amended policy of Technical and Madrasa Education Department No. 57.00.0000. dated 10.10.2023. / have been recommended for their appointment subject to certain conditions while the security verification process is in progress. The matter of recruitment recommendation has been informed by SMS to the concerned recommended candidate and head of the educational institution. cycle 4 result 2023



The recommended candidate can download the recruitment recommendation form by entering the 4th Public Notice-2022 service box of the NTRCA website ( or directly by accessing the link using their user ID and password. Requested to join the institution mentioned in the letter and within the mentioned date.

If the candidate recommended for employment is found unsuitable in the police/security verification report, the recommendation will be deemed canceled immediately and the concerned educational institution will exempt the candidate. Within 7 (seven) days after the last date of joining the candidate, the Heads of the organization will enter the Teletalk link using their respective User ID and Password and click on “Yes” in the Joining Status option. If the candidate does not join then click “No” in Joining Status and specify the possible reason for not joining in the Reason box. If the head of an institution does not receive the SMS due to technical reasons, he can collect the list of recommended candidates and recommendation letters from the website of NTRCA.

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