Dhaka university mphil admission 2023

Admission and Scholarship in Dhaka University MPhil Program (2023-2024 academic year). In the academic year 2020-2024 M.Phil. Applications are being invited in the prescribed form from interested candidates for admission to the program. Candidates are selected by the supervisor from among the teachers of the concerned Department/Institute under and through his/her M.Phil. Apply for admission to the program. Application forms can be downloaded from the Dhaka University website (https://du.ac.bd) from 02/04/2023 to 11/05/2023. 500/- (Five hundred) (Non-refundable) should be deposited in Janata Bank (Cha B, T.S.C. Branch) towards the admission form fee by 11/05/2023. If the admission form fee is submitted after the scheduled date of 11/05/2023, the application form will not be accepted.


The application form should be clearly written/typed duly filled and submitted to the office of the Chairman of the concerned Department/Director of the Institute by 15/05/2023. Original copy of deposit receipt of Rs.500/- (Five Hundred) towards admission form fee, photocopy of all examination mark sheets, 1  copy of recent photograph attested by the concerned Supervisor/Chairman of the Department/Director of the Institute should be submitted along with the application form along with a copy of the Research Synopsis must be submitted.


Dhaka university mphil admission 2023



M.Phil Program Admission Eligibility, Conditions:

1. a) Bachelor’s degree of four years duration and Master’s degree of 1-year duration.

b) Bachelor’s degree of three years duration and Master’s degree of one-year duration.

c) Two years of Bachelor’s degree and two years Master’s degree and 1-year teaching experience at graduation level / 1-year working experience in a research institution or 1 research paper in a recognized quality journal.

d) Five years M. B. B. S./Equivalent Degree. Candidates can apply to the Department/Institute related to their degree.

Candidates mentioned in a, b, c, and d must have a minimum of 50% marks in all examinations with at least 2nd division/class. C. G.P.A. As a rule all examinations from Secondary/Equivalent to Post Graduation C.G.P.A. 3.5 out of 5 or C.G.P.A. There must be 3 out of 4.

2. M.Phil. The program is of two years duration (ie 1st-year theory course and a 2nd-year thesis). But M.Phil. The registration period for the program is a maximum of 4 (four) years. All Faculties/Institutes M.Phil. The course will be considered a full-time course. M.Phil. Must join the program.

3. (a) M.Phil. Two units of a total of 200 marks (100 marks each) for researchers registered in the program.

Four units (each unit carrying 50 marks) will have to appear in the theory test. 4 hours for 100 marks unit and 2 hours for 50 marks unit. But those candidates who pass in subjects other than Geography and Environment (Non-geographer) who will be admitted to the Geography and Environment Department will have to take the additional course G-701 Fundamentals of Geography of 100 marks as compulsory.

There will also be an oral exam of 100 marks. 50% passing marks in theory course and 50% passing marks in an oral examination. It should be noted that according to the rules, M.Phil. Arrangements should be made to complete the 1st phase examination within the month of June (2024).

(b) M.Phil. If the researcher fails to pass the 1st year on the first attempt or fails to appear in the examination or complete the course, he can re-admit only once in the next academic year on the recommendation of the supervisor and the departmental academic committee. After that, there will be no chance of re-admission.

(c) M.Phil. Program (Phase 1) A Researcher who has passed the Theory Test but fails the Oral Test may appear in the Oral Test with the next batch. However, if the concerned department/institute wishes, they can conduct the oral examination within 3 to 6 months.


(d) M.Phil. A researcher who has failed the course examination and gets less than 50% marks in any theory course / oral examination can appear in the next examination as an irregular candidate by paying the examination fee as usual without re-admission to that course / oral examination. Marks less than 30 in any one-course examination will not be counted. However, any course with 50% and above marks will be entitled to retain it.

(e) M.Phil. Candidates who have passed the 1st year must be admitted to the 2nd year within 1 (one) month of the publication of the examination results. Admission can be done up to 1 (one) month by paying the late fee at a fixed rate of Tk 10 (ten) per day. If admission is not done within 2 (two) months of the publication of the 1st year examination result, admission can be made till the registration deadline by paying a late fee of Rs.


4. M.Phil. A total of 50 (fifty) scholarships including one Sher-e-Bangla scholarship for the History Department will be awarded at the rates determined by the University Grants Commission from among the applicants in the current academic year. However, if the researcher is employed or receives scholarship/financial support from any other institution, he/she will not be considered eligible for this scholarship. If the thesis is submitted during the registration period, the scholarship will be renewed in the 2nd year! However, the scholarship will not be awarded if the researcher fails to pass the first time in the 1st year. The meeting of the Scholarship Sanctioning Committee will be convened in the month of September every year.


5. The applicant is a student of the hall of M.Phil. The application form should be submitted to the concerned department/institute after obtaining the signature of the hall principal who wishes to take admitted to the program. It is to be noted that, as a student of Dhaka University, she has received a Bachelor’s degree/Master’s degree as a student of M.Phil. Cannot be admitted to the program.

6. A supervisor M.Phil. and Ph.D. A maximum of 8 (eight) individually or jointly 10 (ten) researchers can be supervised by a total of (previously) two researchers in the program.

7. Professor, Associate Professor, and Ph.D. Assistant professors with degrees M.Phil. Can supervise researchers in the program.

8. Convener and Dean of Eligibility Verification and Equivalence Committee for verification of degree/examination pass certificates of interested candidates with degrees obtained from private universities of Bangladesh and SSC, HSC, Bachelor/Graduate Honors, and Master’s degrees obtained from abroad. , should apply to the Faculty of Biology and submit a copy of equivalency along with the admission application form or with the joining letter.

9. M.Phil. Various fee rates for the program are available from the Office of the Director of Accounts

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