Combined 5 Bank Officer (Cash) Final Result 2023

List of the selected candidates for the post of Officer (Cash)-2019 (Job ID: 10117) in Sonali Bank PLC, Janata Bank PLC, Agrani Bank PLC, Rupali Bank Ltd & Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd details.. (101 KB)  [download].

Consolidated 5th Bank Officer (Cash) Final Result 2023.m List of selected candidates for 1439 vacant posts of ‘Officer (Cash)’ (Job ID-10117) in 5 Banks based on 2019. 1439 ‘Officers (Cash)’ as of 2019 in 5 banks which are members of the Bankers Selection Committee (Sonali Bank Plc (846), Janata Bank Plc (105), Agrani Bank Plc (400), Rupali Bank Ltd (85) and Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd (03T)] In order to appoint vacant posts, 1439 (one thousand four hundred and forty-nine) selected from the panel prepared in the order of merit based on the marks obtained in the written and oral examination held in view of the recruitment circular number-16/2021 dated 31/01/2021 of this Secretariat in accordance with the government regulations regarding recruitment. ) Public candidates have been preliminarily selected for recruitment in the following banks.


Combined 5 Bank Officer (Cash) Final Result 2023 





The concerned bank will carry out all subsequent activities related to recruitment. B: Note: BSCS reserves the right to correct the published results if required.

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